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Secrets Unlocked – The latest from C.F Francis

Secrets Unlocked

A secret from her past may cut her future short

Every year since her 18th birthday, Savannah Finch receives a charm from an anonymous sender. Raised in foster care, with an undeserved stop in juvenile detention, Finch desires nothing more than a simple, uncomplicated life. But when an invitation to join her co-workers on a sunset cruise turns into a deadly threat, she’s forced to make a perilous escape into the waters off the Sanibel shoreline, and her goal suddenly changes—to simply survive.

Sanibel Police Detective, Rick Wilcowski, doesn’t know what to make of the copper-eyed beauty he finds washed up on the beach, spinning a suspicious tale of abduction. Rick vows to keep his distance from the attractive, but contrary, woman until events convince him someone has targeted Finch.

Finch has never had reason to trust the authorities and doesn’t want to be under the watchful eye of the sexy detective. But as the heat grows between them and the threats to Finch escalate, Rick insists on being her protector as they investigate a twisted tale of international espionage, murder, and the secret the charms hold—a secret that could get her killed.

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Thank you for tagging along with me and “The James Gang”, a Special Forces team who finds as much action off the battlefield as they do on it. What could be better than alpha males, strong women, warm tropical beaches, and romance? You’re about to find out. I hope you enjoy the heat because things can get a little steamy here…


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