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Run, River, Run – The latest from C.F Francis

As an adolescent, River Chandler escaped the serial killers who slaughtered her family. Her testimony put them in prison for the rest of their lives. With the memory of her family never far from her thoughts, she’s built a solitary, but successful life – until terror once again targets her.

Seeking peace from the visions of the wounded he’s cared for, Special Forces medic, Kevin Slawter is visiting friends on Sanibel. While spending some time on the water, he is helpless when he sees a woman attacked on the beach. His shouts chase the assailant away, but she refuses further assistance.

Determine to discover who is behind these acts, Kevin has to convince River to let him into her life. For a woman who has lost everyone she loves, she’s determined to keep her distance.

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Thank you for tagging along with me and “The James Gang”, a Special Forces team who finds as much action off the battlefield as they do on it. What could be better than alpha males, strong women, warm tropical beaches, and romance? You’re about to find out. I hope you enjoy the heat because things can get a little steamy here…


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