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Bombings, worlds apart, throw two survivors together. Troy, a mental wreck and physically damaged due to his last tour as a Speical Ops soldier, is asked to protect Shayne from an unknown enemy. Is he up to the task? Can he keep his emotional distance from a woman who has become all too important to him?

Lovers Key takes 2nd Place!

Lovers Key received 2nd place in OCC/RWA Romantic Suspense contest. It is such an honor to be nominated along with New York Times Best-Selling authors, Toni Anderson and Katie Reus in the romantic suspense category!  OCC is one of the largest chapters of Romance Writers of America and this competition is fierce.  It’s the second time this year Lovers Key has come in second place in a national competition.


Mystery Writers Conference

June 22-24 I’ll be attending the 5th Annual Mystery Writers Conference in Key West.  This will be my third time at the intimate conference which includes panel discussions, speaker and lots of fun mixing with readers, well-known authors and other members of the publishing industry.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Lovers Key

I hope you enjoy the second installment of The James Gang series. Josie and Steve have some issues to deal with while the try to decipher a cryptic message she’s received from an old friend. Someone wants that information badly. Badly enough to kill for it.

I’m already working on the third in the series. My hope is to have this one out by summer of 2018 but Lovers Key didn’t go as planned so I don’t want to make any promises just yet.

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