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News & Events

Sanctuary Island Finalist in Las Vegas RWA 2017 “I Heart Indie!” awards..

So excited to be a finalist in the LVRWA “I Heart Indie!” contest.  The best of the best will be selected by LVRWA book club judges and winners will be officially announced at the Vegas Valley Book Festival in October.  Good luck to all and fingers crossed.





Finally, the rewrite of Lovers Key is at the editor’s. I enjoyed spending more time with Josie and Steve. I just hadn’t expected them to stay so long. Here’s hoping they’ve ironed things and we can move on to… Well, I’m not going to tell you. Not yet anyway. I will can you the next story starts out with a bang.

The Romance Writers of America had their annual meeting in Orlando in July. A couple of thousand romance writers (famous and not-so-famous, like yours truly) gathered to share craft and marketing skills as well as give moral support to each other. It my first RWA and was a whirlwind event packed with information and fun times, as well.  A big thank you to all who helped put the massive conference together and for so many of the fellow authors and experts who shared their knowledge and experiences.  Brenda Jackson was the recipient of the Nora Roberts Life Time Achievement award. If you haven’t heard it, check out her acceptance speech on YouTube. It was impressive. Kudos to the “Slayer of Words”.


Hurricane Irma

(9/17/17) Well, last week was interesting, to say the least.  The Category 5 storm took the least expected route and the wall of the storm passed over us a week ago today.  My husband and I rode out the monster with Sarah Andre (romance writer and Rita nominee) along with her husband and 2 (very cute and well behaved) Pomeranians in a property managed by my husband.  The men board up the place while Sarah and I made the interior closets as comfortable as possible to ride out the worst of the storm.  The house is located in one of the highest spots in the county, made of cinder block and was shuttered tight (thanks to a neighbor how had extra bolts).  Our communities are still a mess with trees down, power poles snapped, you name it – but both our homes made it through undamaged.  Our power just returned late Friday and with it air conditioning.  Some are still without power or running water.  We are grateful for the support of friends and neighbors and glad we had Sarah and Scott with us to lend moral support.  Thanks for all the good wishes.  Please don’t forget those still in need.